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From mind porn

From mind porn

When am I ever going to learn? How do you learn this and not become bitter?


What would you do if you woke up with the body of your dreams?

I have a sweet friend who also happens to be an author of some ‘spicy’ novels.  Her latest title (Skin Deep) and snippet gave me the inspiration for this blog post.  (Her name is Megan D. Martin- Author and Editor)  Her snippet says “What would you do to HAVE the perfect body?”  However, I read it in haste as “What would you do if you HAD the perfect body of your dreams”.  I have no idea why. Either way, this got me thinking.  That is a GREAT writing prompt!   I’m going to keep  thinking on this a bit and would love for you to do the same.  I’ll be back to elaborate on what I come up with …  Hope you will do the same!

Ok I’m back to post what I think I’d do! I think the most important thing is to start by DEFINING what my dream body would be.  I wouldn’t get rid of my Cerebral Palsy.  Mine is mild.  It’s blessed me FAR more than it’s stolen from me.  I would go back to the body I had in college.  🙂  I was healthy and strong and at my best.  I walked EVERYWHERE.  I liked walking.  It was work but it was possible and it was FUN.  I loved to sweat and felt brand new after every hike!  I was beautiful and didn’t realize how much so.  I would LEAP out of bed and find all my old Levi’s and slip those puppy’s on and grab a tank top and a pretty bra!  I miss pretty bra and panties 😀  I would then IMMEDIATELY head outside and walk until I felt like I was going to drop!  Give LOUD and repetitive thanks to God for giving me back the ability to walk freely!

Next, I’d be so much more respectful of my body and my soul and their connection.  NO MORE INSULTING MYSELF.  NO MORE STEALING MY OWN CONFIDENCE BY REPEATING THE LIES OF THE ENEMY.   I’d be much more careful of how/what I eat.  I’d chase my kids EVERYWHERE!  I’d take my little boy to a park and run him RAGGED.  I’d wear the clothes I love rather than the ones I can find.  I would be braver in my choices.  I’d workout with my daughter.  I’d swim like a fish.  I would be open more, chatty more, hide less, smile more.

As I’m writing this…. it occurs to me I need to do as many of these things as I possibly can NOW so that I will eventually be able to do them all one day.  What do ya know?  Love what you have until you have what you love.  Time to get moving I think!  How bout you?



My proud legacy to my daughter.

My proud legacy to my daughter.

Immediately after reading my latest blog which contained the phrase “chick flick” she looked at me and in her 15 y/o way said “I want to ask the universe a question… WHY aren’t dumb guy movies called ‘dick flicks’?
Well played my daughter… well played.

This is from the facebook page steampunk. Not sure how to link it but I strongly encourage you to search them out and like them on FB. 😀