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Are you a leaf a branch or a root?  I’d  name some folks but what matters is who you are and who you are surrounded by.  


Are you a leaf, a branch or a root?


I’ve just heard the absolute best description and I would name people but I don’t think any good would come of it. What matters is you know who you are and who you are surrounded by.

New Beginning!

When I started this blog I made a promise to myself that I would post once a week.  Of course within the second week I broke the promise.  I wrote the first blog because I felt a strong push from God to share that particular story.  I had told it so many times and I couldn’t imagine why I would need to share it again, but the push wouldn’t stop, so I wrote it down.  Just like a weight lifted or a magic trick I stopped needing to tell that story!  

I took that to mean that God had a purpose for my blog and that I would pray and wait for the next push.  I just never felt it again.  I still haven’t felt it yet.  What I have felt is the push to keep the promise I kept to myself.  My sister (and best friend in the world) suggested that I write about not knowing what to write.  Brilliant!  At least it gets me moving.  

As you saw I got my camera and am ready to start my gratitude journal.  Suddenly I can’t think of a place to start.  I’m thankful for so much it’s just that now there seems to be this perceived pressure to find something deep and meaningful for me or for you.  So I made another decision.  

I am going to write down my goals for the year as a way of taking real steps toward achieving them and a way of letting you guys know a bit more about who and where I am. So, here it goes!  P.S.  I’d love if you wanted to share some of your goals with me too.

1. Do a year long devotional, one scripture a day.

2.  Do my gratitude journal

3.  Get back on the daily path of physical health with 

4.  Do the planking challenge to strengthen my core to help me in regaining my ability to walk.

5.  Walk at least 10 separate times a day.  (For me that just means getting off the couch and walking somewhere in my house 10 separate times in a day.  This is a big deal due to my ongoing recovering from my car accident.

6. Drink WATER!

7. Blog once a week.  🙂

OK so I think seven goals is plenty for a year.  All of these goals can be broken down into small daily achievable steps which is what is makes them possible and will allow me small successes to build on.  😀  I am excited!  I am looking forward to where God will take me. I will be sharing stories from my past, present and dreams for my future along with my progress toward these goals so this blog might very well go all over the map.  I hope that in sharing my story I will be a blessing to someone else along their journey as well.  I would LOVE to hear from anyone who wants to share along with me.  I will be honest and open and all I ask is that kind words are all that’s shared.  You don’t have to agree with me.  You just can’t be hateful.  Cool?  Cool.  😀  

Now, as a day one!  I have blogged for the week!  YAY!  I logged my food intake into fitness pal.  YAY!  I did my daily devotional last night.  I like to go to sleep on the word 🙂 YAY!  I have walked twice already today with no aids!  YAY!   So far so good!  Today I will do my first day planking arg!   I WILL find something to put in my gratitude journal no matter how small no pressure to be profound 😀  Thank you for giving me support and I can’t wait to hear from you!

Peace, Love and Grace

KP  ….. (photo credit @wordporn)


A place to create thanks

A place to create thanks

It’s HERE! This camera you see here is the fulfillment of a childhood dream. Is that corny? I’ve wanted my own polaroid camera since I was about 10. I saw a blog post on Facebook about keeping a photographic gratitude journal and the tool used was a polaroid. I was on fire after looking at it. I ordered it and I bought a scrapbook starter kit *another creative dream* I’m so excited to start and nervous. I hope you’ll join me here and I’ll share my progress as I create and give thanks. My prayers are that I will find more and more to be thankful for and find  more purpose and joy in my every day.  Maybe I’ll even get a clearer picture of what direction God is pointing me in.  Who am I here to help?  What am I here to accomplish?  What is the next step on His path for me?  Won’t you join me?